Sunday, January 9, 2011

So, the night life here in San Diego has been amazing. I have attended more shows in the past few weeks then I have in years back in Baltimore. I have the lovely Rosemary of  SdDialedIn to thank, you rock girl.

So last night I saw 'Youth Brigade' and 'The Sons of Liberty' at the Brick by Brick. What a great show, it has been a while since I have seen a punk show. I know... I know, I am getting old (just turned 26) and just bought a Martin acoustic travel guitar. Fuck me.

Anyhow, I did make up for the getting old/guitar thing. Serious punk points. And I am not talking about getting scabies or a new patch for my jean jacket. I actually went into the pit wearing my Chaco sandals... I know right, fucking Chacos. I am a sell out. I didn't have any other shoes, and my Doc's are back in MD. Anyhow, I had a great time, my feet got hammered, and were covered in grime. Photos to come.

The major points came from Rosey and Skates when we were leaving the show. "Is that blood?" My right sleeve of my white t-shirt had several large blood stains, and it wasn't mine. The only blood I have ever had on my shirt was at a Gwar show, and that was just food coloring.
"Because we are GWARRR, and we will have sex with your car."

The pit was full of skin heads with bad attitudes (go figure), and I laughed, danced, kept loose, and had fun. I don't think they liked me very much.

I just saw Josh Damigo at the Lestats, what a great show. Are you google-ing your self again Josh? Anyhow, he was raving about Nena Storey, and she did have one hell of a voice. You know I have a thing for curly (especially redhead) jewish girls, right?

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