Thursday, July 28, 2011

Broken Spoke


They haven't been flowing...I feel as though they never have. To add to that fact, my last few blog entries have been brief and uneventful. No ham sandwich for you.

I am struggling, no lie about that. I am sitting at a cowboy bar in Austin Texas, in a pink Veggie Heaven t-shirt and Choco sandals. My Choco tan is coming along well by the way.

I feel as though I should just drink another 10 of this watery Lone Star draughts out of my plastic dixie cups, and find me a lady to dance with. But once again, lets be honest, I am not a dancer or a writer. Alone I sit.

I just flew (and broke my no fly rule) to join Dani (yes, she is a girl) to buy a Mazda convertible (sight unseen) and drive it 3,000+ miles around the country. Well, here is where the romantic part turns to shit. The girl who was the previous owner treated the car like a demolition derby machine. The car hardly has a straight body panel, and it has hail damage to boot. 

I tried to get the car aligned on tuesday, only to find out that she ran it on a curb, pole, or the full church choir. Either way the steering wheel is 90 degrees out and the steering rack mounts are torn off. Which means I have to spend $600 to replace the subframe. Goodtimes. Still romantic? How about replacing all the filters, plugs, wires, leaking valve cover gasket, and not least, the entire convertible top. I was hoping to sell this car for a profit at the end of this trip, but that is very unlikely.

So when you are considering a car for a road trip, you think, comfort, space, good stereo, and gas mileage (just to name a few). For those who followed my last road trip, you should know my beloved Kingsley. Well, that Mercedes was spacious. I had the trunk, back seat, and even the 16 cubic foot cargo box full of gear (aka shit). So the Miata has about a 2 cubic foot rear trunk, and my backpack will barely fit in, so I came up with this.

I am not feeling very excited about this road trip... and I can't really understand why. I feel burnt out, used up, no deposit, no return. I am putting all my day hours tracking parts and calling mechanic shops. I haven't seen much of Austin at all, and its hotter Georgia Asphalt in this godforsaken state. Consistent 102-105 degrees temps.

And Dani and I just got booted from our place, the landlord didn't like that we were crashing Sam and Kady floor for a week. So uptight. Speaking of which have you seen the Rejected Cartoons:


This shit made my day... My spoon is TOO BIG! Sorry Y'all for the bitching. But a day in Texas is better then any day at work. Till I get a jerb, I will see you on the road.

-Linus Cloudbuster

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ruta Maya

So I have been in Austin for four day now, and what do I have to say? I am in a coffee shop/bar/dance studio called Ruta Maya. I was finally feeling motivated to complete a blog entry, and then the music started, and a diverse group of people decided to flash mob my quiet typing area. Mamba!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It starts in Texas with this...

A $700 unloved, hail damaged, no softop 1994 Mazda Miata. Lets see how far we can make it.