Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd 9:21 am,

Day 5 of my California coastal bike trip. I stayed at Stillwater regional campsite, which was a pleasant alternative to Salt Point State Park (warm shower). As soon as I was rode in I made friends with a group from Philly. We made plabs for sunset on the cliffs and I made haste to the showers...
I had some real chaffe going on in some not so pleasant areas. I have done several bike tours, and nothing compares to the anguish I felt yesterday. So I was walking with a bit of a waddle out to the Pacific with two philly boys and another french/swiss couple. We toasted the sun and spoke of Aussie bogens, and where we were headed next. This conversation was continued by the camp fire, and to make the mood just right, some acoustic versions of Rage Against the Machine.

More to come, but I must ride. Bolinas bound.

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