Monday, October 24, 2011

Its raining in Baltimore...

So I have been back in Maryland for a few weeks now, and as always it has been a trying time. I came home with hopes of a 'soft' entry back into my 'life'. It did not happen.

Mold, everything covered in fucking mold. Where shall I start? Well, I go into the room/storage unit at my parents house and my bed, clothes, books, bike, camping gear, the few things that hold worth in my life, covered in mold. Why? While I was away, I had someone offer to buy my arcade game collection, and in this economy I jumped. I had my father show them the machines, but they had to remove a sliding door to get RoboCop out. It is a fairly simple procedure, gorilla grab the door, lift up, removed door. The fucking apes were able to do that much (including my father), but the funny thing about putting it back on... come in close, this is a valuable secret. IT IS THE REVERSE OF REMOVAL. Who would have thought? So they just left the door off, and being a wet year the concrete in the garage made it a very moist environment.


So onto the car, my Subaru, my daily driver. It stopped running several weeks before my return. My father didn't know how to fix it, as he has only been working in the car business for 35 years. I told him to leave it, so he leaves his McDonalds cup of coffee, and one of the windows down at some point, but doesn't dry it out. Leave those doors shut for a few weeks and what do we have class? Anyone, that's right more fucking mold. And all this because my incompetent mechanic (Beware: Carmel Auto on Harford Road) didn't put my ground cable on the starter, in fact they didn't put the bracket that the ground cable connects to back on either).

It has been raining quite a bit here in Baltimore, loving it. I have been considering getting the touring bike together and just riding south, I am not sure I am ready for the cold. Which leads to why I decided to write a blog entry:

Today is the one year anniversary of the Ha Ha.  Time is just passing by, I am not sure where it all went.

Easy to Grin.. Rest in peace, thanks for a great adventure. Actually thanks to the whole crew:

The Captain (I still have that rainbow sail tie by the way)
Our most experience member, and such a lovable (but strangely Homophobic) Douchebag
 And who could forget Jessica!

It had hopes of being on the Ha Ha this year, but it didn't happen. Its such a duality, wanting to travel, but really needing stability and time to myself. I have not been motivated to write, which is obvious from my blog. But it is my hopes to stay on top of the things over the next few week. But do excuse me, I have a date with some mold and some tea tree oil. Dirty Dirty Mold, spank it. 

Black mold- fuck ebay!