Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dalton, MA: 617 miles to

Quick update again as I am on dial-up (I am suprised they still offer it). I walked into Dalton yesterday with Toothpick. I haven't seen many of the hikers I normally in several weeks. I hope you all are doing well, especially you Ferdie, heard you got the lyme. Anyhow, spirits have been a bit low since Kent, CT. I just hit a wall, and the bugs and wet weather have helped. But I almost in VT and then the Whites, so I am still pumped. The exciting thing is my pack is at 25 pounds with a liter of water and 3-4 days of food. Not for long though, I am going to get my cold weather gear back=heavy.

Well, it beats working... hoping to summit the first week of Sept.


Friday, July 17, 2009

No rant this time, just Kent CT and 723 Miles to go...

So I just walked into Kent, CT after a wake up call, the mountains are getting bigger. I just loaded up on too much food, but CT has been tough, but I will be out in another two days. The states are just passing by, which is a good feeling. It seems hikers are hitting yet another wall, they are just tired of hiking. I am tired, but I will push on, because I have such beautiful country ahead. Anyhow, not much else to report. Happy Birthday Georgia!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dirty Jersey (edit)

1335 Mile and going.....

I am in Unionville, NY... well I am at a hiker friendly (Mayor's house/Outhouse) in NY, but the trail is still in NJ. Jersey has been beautiful, who would have known? Pennsylvania was rocky, my shoes are about to be done, but the trail magic was awesome, a truly hiker-friendly state.

So, a little change of pace from the normal blog. I have the computer to myself for more then 15 minutes this time. Lets begin with this: Fuck all of you who have never tried being Vegan for a day, let alone 2.5 years. I am tired of other hikers who think that my dietary restrictions, aka my moral objection to the way most of our food is produced/murdered, or lets use a better word "harvested." Should I apologize for being a bit short with a server at restaurant who has nothing but meat on the menu. Guess what, its a free country. Does it do much for the cause? Never in my wildest imagination do I think that overweight Americans will give up their guns or buffalo wings. For some reason it makes me sleep better at night not consuming animals, or products of animals, or going to a zoo/aquarium to watch caged animals who goes to visit there local prison?

Bottom line, it has been hard walking 1,335 miles, and the 800 some miles I have left will be harder. It has been difficult being Vegan. I would love to eat a big cheese pizza, or eat a big omelet in the morning. But I can't, and I won't. It really sucks to believe in something so deeply, and to live it, because you know its right. I know people on this trail and even people I know back home, "I used to be Vegan, or I used to be Vegetarian." Well, why aren't you now? That's right, here comes the judgemental asshole that we all love so much. See, I am not in it for the scene, or to score women, just better sleep. But sleep doesn't come. Especially if you give up the Animal right, health concerns, or whatever reason you do/did it for, because you thought you couldn't make it on a silly trek through the mountains. YOU aren't eating bear, you are eating Spam and canned cheese. I am not sure where to go with this, but watch this documentary, it might be a wake up call.
Or not, life is all about being oblivious. I wish I could have gotten the photos to paste at the end to give this some type of optimistic spin, but just scroll up.
Here's the deal. I will finish this trail, eating vegetables, fruits and seeds. I will do the triple crown, again as a vegan. If you don't like my attitude, sorry, I am tired of trying to please.

Linus Cloudbuster