Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dalton, MA: 617 miles to

Quick update again as I am on dial-up (I am suprised they still offer it). I walked into Dalton yesterday with Toothpick. I haven't seen many of the hikers I normally in several weeks. I hope you all are doing well, especially you Ferdie, heard you got the lyme. Anyhow, spirits have been a bit low since Kent, CT. I just hit a wall, and the bugs and wet weather have helped. But I almost in VT and then the Whites, so I am still pumped. The exciting thing is my pack is at 25 pounds with a liter of water and 3-4 days of food. Not for long though, I am going to get my cold weather gear back=heavy.

Well, it beats working... hoping to summit the first week of Sept.


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