Thursday, August 9, 2012


So I just spent three days typing away, uploading pictures, and it was posted for about an hour. I went back to edit, fix a few spelling mistakes, and add the word Existential Crisis at the bottom.

Then it went away suddenly, and blogspot auto saved. Maybe it was a great blog entry, maybe it was just a terrible rant. I wanted to punch blogspot in the face, but I realized that it was just another loss.

Here is the short and skinny, I was out in California on another adventure: festival going, cycling the coast, hiking, and of course women chasing.

But it all came to an end last Friday when someone stole my touring bike, camping gear, clothing, camera, all of it. Well, minus my phone, a small backpack, a shirt and kilt. I wasn't angry, mostly sad, but felt empty and betrayed. Mostly because this happened two years ago when a sailing vessel I was on went down and along with it most of my personal possessions.

The previous entry was mostly about the guilt I felt about letting down my friends, every piece of gear in those bike panniers was intentional. Many had been with me for years of backpacking, keeping me alive from the elements. I feel so much regret for not being able to protect them from some faceless thief.

I feel guilty because I am healthy, I can acquire a new bicycle, another backpack. But I am heartbroken, those possessions and I had history. Nothing is permanent, but I had hoped we had more time.

So I have been having an existenial crisis, was it as simple as bad luck matched with some bad decision making?

Or was there a lesson to be learned two years ago that I did not catch, or did Professor TakeYourShit decide I need a refresher course on impermanence?

Well, here are some fucking pictures if that is all you were looking for >:o

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Short Shorts

"The worst part is that they stole my short shorts, and that makes me sad. Yet if I think of everything else they stole as short shorts, then it makes all personal possessions seem ridiculous and unnecessary :)"

Location:Bay Area

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23rd 9:21 am,

Day 5 of my California coastal bike trip. I stayed at Stillwater regional campsite, which was a pleasant alternative to Salt Point State Park (warm shower). As soon as I was rode in I made friends with a group from Philly. We made plabs for sunset on the cliffs and I made haste to the showers...
I had some real chaffe going on in some not so pleasant areas. I have done several bike tours, and nothing compares to the anguish I felt yesterday. So I was walking with a bit of a waddle out to the Pacific with two philly boys and another french/swiss couple. We toasted the sun and spoke of Aussie bogens, and where we were headed next. This conversation was continued by the camp fire, and to make the mood just right, some acoustic versions of Rage Against the Machine.

More to come, but I must ride. Bolinas bound.

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