Friday, September 24, 2010

Take down the 40, look who got a 60...

Sixty miles in 23 hours! Double Check and I started at 6:30 am and finished up at Snoqualmie pass at 5:30 am this morning. We are now resting in the Howard Johnson's hotel. A terrible let down; expensive, broken hot tub and sauna, and an absolute anemic continental breakfast. To make it worse, Double Check is snoring louder then the traffic on I90! In conclusion, two words...


Never again will I try and hike that many miles with a pack... but I got my 60 :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2,240 Miles and a buddist retreat..

Loyal Servents,

I am in Washington state! I got back on trail on the 8th at Hwy 20, where I had left off. I stopped off in Bend and saw Manimal, followed by a tour of the local speak easy. Thanks manimal for putting us up on short notice, you rock. Anyhow, I parted ways with Greenmile, he was taking it slow and finishing at Cascade Locks. A shout out to you Greenmile, you a hella cool dude. Anyhow life is good and my phone browser sucks and i cant see what i am typing hjwsdhhsdhsdjdscxsh.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Burning Man Decompression

I need coffee

As my aussie friends would say: I am rooted. I am so tired after the 5 days at Black Rock City, that I have taken two days in Truckee. Greenmile and I are trying to find a ride back to Oregon to finish up the trail. We may be driving his vehicle up to the Bend or Portland area, and I may pick up the trail at Cascade Locks. I will be skipping 150 miles of trail, but I will make it up. My reasoning is that it is getting late in the season, and the weather is starting to turn. Two of my hiking buddies, Sneezes and Hot Mess are heading north from Cascade Locks on Wednesday, and I really enjoy hiking with them. The plan is to visit Portland after the hike, so the section I am skipping can be made up quite easily.

Sadly, I haven't heard from Surly bikes.  I sent them my proposal several weeks ago, which I thought was quite strong, but alas no response. I will be calling them tomorrow, and hopefully I will get some more insight. If they say nay, I will just keep sending them more unfortunate missives....
I hope to post up some burning man stories, but I am tired, and I am on a Mac. Macs are cool if you know how to use them, and I do not.

Your truly,