Tuesday, April 20, 2010

San Diego

So, I got into San Diego last night, the city looked beautiful. Even more beautiful was the woman waiting on the curb. I walked up in my kilt, leggings, backpack, and trekking poles in hand. When I saw her, she was on the phone, no doubt trying to find that lost driver. As I stared longer then I should have, she turned around. Long red hair, electric red high heels, all topped with a hat. What kind of hat you ask? Fuck it, I know nothing about hats, it looked like this:
It seems everyone is rocking these things, thanks Johnny Depp. Anyhow, eyes met, and you could see we were both intrigued. Sadly, the boyfriend rolls up in Lexus, and they drive off, damn those California plates.

So, my aunt picked me up. I haven't seen her in over 10 years, but it was though we never missed a day. She is such a wonderful person, I am so sorry we haven't kept in touch. We were speaking of communications, and despite how technology has gotten better we hardly talk to those we care about.

I am working on my collage to Surly Bikes, but I just found out they are in MN, not California, whoops. I am also hoping to get to the Kate Wolf festival, and possibly the Baja Ha-Ha Cruiser Rally this year. Dream big, that's what I do.

Spirits are high, I feel like I am in Tassie again, all the crazy adventures. I pick up Arren from the train station in 2 hours, I am so excited to see him. Then its off to the food store, rei, and the post office to get some drop boxes set up.

You can't stop L.C., there are things in my life I can't control