Friday, January 14, 2011

Baja 1000

So despite the critics, I have started my 1,000 mile bike trip of Baja California. Chris and I jumped on the San Diego trolley at around 9am, and bought our one way ticket to the border. We were both grinning form ear to ear, talking about how great the adventure would be.

I left with hopes that this will be a great adventure for both Chris and I. This will be the longest cycle tour for myself, and the first for Chris.

I was trying to be ultra light on this trip, but its not happening. My bike is fully weighed down. I have 5 books: American Gods, Camping in Mexico, Spanish Dictionary, my journal, and How to play guitar. Why do I have the guitar book? Because I picked up one of these:

I also picked up a set of beginner Horner Blues hopes of seeing my friend in San Jose del Cabo. The hoochie coochie man.

And yes, he is art

So I layed the bike over twice so far.. once in the middle of Mexican highway 1, and the other on the way to the Playas. Both times my front panniers brushed the concrete and you would think they were made of flubber, because I went flying head first into traffic.... I scratched my damn mirror... but luckily not my grape.

My couchsurfing host here in Tijuana is Irak, he has been great so far. He picked us up from downtown, after we had a nice sandwich at place simply called: ´Organic´. Anyhow Chris and I attempted to keep up with Irak in his car, up a very hilly part of town. But I did not walk, or crawl, I made it up slowly. I am hoping my bike legs will kick in soon. Anyhow, we had a cerveza after a walk on the beach, which was stunning. These west coast sunsets are breath-taking, sorry east coast. The best part of this house is that it is guarded by a half dog, half bear, half lion creature.

I think it wants to eat me....

So here is the breakdown.
-I am riding a 2010 Jamis Aurora (great so far)
-Topeak rear rack
-Jim Blackburn front rack
-Green Guru High Rolla Rear Panniers
-Novara front panniers
Shimano SPD 520 Pedals
Sidi Cycling Shoes
Avenair handlebar bag (I already have to sew a broken strap)
Cateye front light and computer
Planet Bike Superblink rear light

Dri Ducks rain gear (cheap and light)
REI Spruce Run Jacket for warmth
REI Thermal Top
Marmot Thermal bottom
Sportkilt (A given)
Patagonia running shorts
Marmot Wind Shirt

·Camping Gear
·Jetboil (Love this stove)
·Thermarest Prolite 3 sleeping pad (I do miss my NeoAir, but unfortantly Thermarest would not let me prodeal another one, even though they said I was a friend of the industry).
·Sharing a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2
·Princeton Tec headlamp, (just got my replacement by mail, thanks Princeton Tec!)


  1. Another adventure is underway for that dog thing has 3 halves?

  2. Yes.. watch the video. Kool Keeeffff