Friday, January 7, 2011

Racks are on!

The bike is coming together quickly. After speaking with some cycle tourists at Adams Avenue Bikes (great shop near University Heights), I decided to go with a front rack and panniers. So... some more money and I now have a Blackburn rack, which was a pain to install, and I had to modify it to accept my Novara panniers. The rack was used and inexpensive, and it matches the color scheme well.

I got my Green Guru recycled/up-cycled bike panniers about 10 minutes ago, these bags are great!  I want to give a shout out to Justin at Green Guru. I sent an email last week explaining my adventures, and I got a response the next day with great news, a set of discounted High Rolla Bike Tube Panniers.

The panniers are great, well thought out, have a great mounting system,  and are made of old bicycle tubes. Green Guru makes several different products from old bike tubes: Wallets, messenger bags, and more.

Thank you Green Guru!

Next thing you know I will be one of those people... you know what I am talking about. The people with too much stuff hanging off their bikes, and that crazy look in there eyes....

That look my friend is freedom

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