Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Counting Down

The day draws near, the day I leave San Diego for points south.... I am unsure how I feel about the trip. I almost feel numb, like its just another walk in the park. Maybe it is because I have already been to Baja, that I am not wandering into the 'unknown'. Or maybe I am scared of whats behind.

I have changed in the past few weeks, I would like to explain this in a little more depth. When I left San Jose Del Cabo, I was in a bad head space. I had thoughts of just walking/running the entire 1,000 miles north, and to make it even more challenging, I was going to fast. Starve the negative feelings about life, love, and my place in it.

Well, that didn't turn out as I got picked up at like 4am by a cuban bar owner named Juan. He was a bit tipsy, but we had a great conversation on our ride to Cabo San Lucas. He said he never picks hitch hikers up normally, especially at 4am, but he trusted me because I had dreads.

when I review this in my mind
I don't think I even had my thumb out...
My own cuban angel

Can angels drink? Maybe he wasn't an angel, but a guide, to help me out of the dark spiral. It sounds like hippie bullshit, but the simple act of giving some poor soul a ride at 4am can make a difference.

I have a great time in San Diego, from reconnecting with family, to the great shows and new friends. I can truely say I could spend some time here in San Diego. But alas I must ride in the next few days. 

Proudest moment in SD: Taking rude photos with some random camera on New Years, and then later reviewing them with the owner. "Is that someones ass?"
**Singing karaoke: Boys 2 Men, I'll make love to you @ Bourbon Street.... Not so much.

I have been thinking of a random thought/fact that I would incorporate into my blog, so here it is: The first cd I owned was Elton John, I found it in a car my father bought when I was 10.
The first cassette I ever owned was Coolio: Gangster Paradise.

**Dont judge**

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