Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey Lovers,

I thought the call of my lova would wake the night guards..

So Chris and I are in Ensenada, we left Wednesday morning around 8am, and cycled most of the way. I say most because we hitched a ride in a truck 10 or so miles. We left to late, miscalculated the mileage, and were fighting the wind all day. We also took two long breaks for food, and early on got a flat. We were doing well until we hit La Mission, where the Mex1 goes east, and the 1D goes south and follows the coast. The 1 is a windy steep road through the mountains. Chris ended up walking most of it, and we weren't going to make Ensenada until way after dark.

Any real traveler always has a sharpie... just the facts. Luckily this is Mexico, and you can find cardboard anywhere.

So I have two minutes until my time runs out. We are staying at Casa De Cyclista, a host. They have this bicycle of a brazilian man who passed trying to ride from Brazil to Alaska. It has my cogs turning in my mind, I need to learn more about him.

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