Monday, January 17, 2011

5 miles in 4 days

Yes, 5 miles in 4 days. Chris and I are still in Tijuana, we hopefully will be heading out in the morning for either Rosarito or Ensenada. I am not sure if an 80km day is a good idea, so lets see where we end up.

Tijuana has been great to us, our couch surfing host has been very accomidating. We hit 6th street in Tijuana on friday night, and I personally had a great time. Chris said she had a good time, but she doesn´t drink and her spanish is poor, either way she is a good sport.

Don´t mind Chi, he is from China 

We woke up on Saturday, and I had received a message from another couch surfers, inviting us to spend the weekend in Popolita beach near Rosarito. So next thing we know we are in a van full of Mexican punk rockers, on our way to the beach.

It was a bit hectic getting two groups of people to the beach, but we did make it. It was very relaxing, and I knocked out a few pages of ´American Gods´. The group we were with played very well, especially the bongos. Who knew punks liked bongos?

One of my favorite moments was saturday night, a few drunkards at the hotel above us kept hollering at us. Finally they came down, and who would guess, they were from LA. I am not saying anything but about people from LA.... actually I am. They were quite obnoxious. The one gentleman asked me where I was from, and how did I end up on a mexican beach with punk rockers. I explained my recent travels, and he said I have something to brag about at my 10 year reunion. 

I told him the people in my life doing great things as well, so my accomplishments are mediocre. He was like, you go to the Thailand and shit, travel around, THAILAND. For some reason he kept talking about Thailand, and how it would be leverage to how I am special, again, at my reunion.

I haven´t been to Thailand.

Is that what people think about there lives? What should I do to make a bunch of people back in high school jealous. That they will regret the way they treated you because you have been to Thailand? Give me a break, LA mentality. 

The women wasn´t any better, but she did read a passage of American Gods out loud. She had a sexy voice, and read with confidence about a man having sex with a women, and that said woman consumed him with her vagina. Literally.. like a

  She said how she wanted to go to her reunion, and tell them all she accomplished, mainly going to Burning Man. 

I went to Burning Man, it wasn´t that big of a deal. Why people make it there lives, I will never know. Its a bunch of white people getting high in the desert. Have you ever tasted the air at Black Rock City, it tastes of greed and spent fuel, worse then any developing nation I have been to. At least the nations are trying to aquire the basics water, food, shelter, and love.

 Burning Man is hippie/druggie consumption. Go into the woods, you might find peace. 

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