Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I am trying very hard to keep you updated on my travels, but I am having a variety of technical difficulties. The mad scientist (Rosey) and I have been working on some things, from signing me up for Twitter @Findinnima, anyone who knows me should be smiling at the irony. Anyhow, I only have SMS here in Mexico, and finding Internet has been a pain. I can now update my blog via SMS, but i cant load photos to blogger or even twitter. Let's face it, y'all have a short attention span, and my writing is not humorous or witty. You need my photos, you want my photos.

I should also mention that bad r&b is setting the mood...seriously, why are they playing Boys 2 Men in a Mexican restaurant.

I will never own a iPhone by the way, this pos keeps auto correcting in as I'n? Technology makes me want to practice my yelling, just like Bigfoot.

So my trip, it is going well. Chris and I left Ensenada on Monday morning, and we biked to San Vincente, a nice solid day of riding. Chris and I got a classy cheap hotel room, and got on the road at 8 am. We putin another solid Day into Vicente Gurrero. Warm weather and beautiful skies. Leave jealous comments.

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The wat?

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