Saturday, January 8, 2011

Riding for charity

For those who were following my Pacific Crest Trail hike in 2010,  know (or least should have known) that I was hiking for a charity. The website was started by a hiker named Paul Mitchel (not the hair stylist), in an effort to help hikers raise money/awareness for a cause while they hike. Paul said the site will eventually be a site where the hiker chooses the charity, while this year was for Haiti relief.

So the mysterious Dave from the ill-fated 'Easy To Grin' forwarded an ad from the 'Baja Western Onion'. Apparently there is a ride that leaves mid February called the 'Baja Love Ride.'

I have been searching for a charity to raise money and awareness for, but I haven't found a site to advertise myself on. I would like to participate in the Baja Love, but that pushes my travels back a month. More then anything I don't like the support aspect of the trip. The idea of riding a bike is to ride a bike, if you are being supported by a vehicle (even if it is low emission), defeats the point. I also want to take my time.

If you know of a charity, or a site like HikeFor where I can advertise myself, shoot me a message or leave a comment.

On another note I wanted to thank the guys at the REI Encinitas store. I contacted the store manager, an explained how I lost most of my hiking gear in the boat wreck. He put me in touch with the warehouse crew, who deal in all the returned/damaged gear.

Well, they helped me out big time, I now have a tent, jacket, and a sleeping pad.
Thank you!


  1. Well I am glad to hear that you obtained some replacement gear and that your bike is coming along...I love those paniers. I've wanted some of those for a while. Hopefully you leave when you want...I'm not a huge fan of supported bike tours...big events like Death Ride need support cause its hell in an allotted time of 12 hours...but touring is like should be your own journey. You seem to be good at figuring it all out so you will...I have found out some new info that may not mess with my REI plans and my PCT 2012 needless to say my heart has lifted. I will need some advise from you as I prepare this year for next. Good luck on this leg of your journey.

  2. That is wonderful news Gypsy :) I am always available for advise, anything to relive a thru-hiking experience.

  3. Nice! That's good karma for ya. Glad things have worked out somewhat, and sounds like you're having a fun time here in SD!