Monday, December 20, 2010

San Diego

I am back in San Diego! I arrived last night after an 17 hour drive from Mulege (Baja California Sur). I want to publicly thank the gentleman who gave me a ride, Thank You Wayne. I met Wayne through the owners of 'The Shack' in Mulege, a great shack under the highway with 10 peso draught and great food.!/pages/Mulege/103791776326275

So I had my touring bike sent to San Diego... I have been very excited to get to this bike. I have been shopping for a touring bike for the past two years. Since Surly bikes turned down my proposal for a sponsorship earlier this year, I have been looking for the right bike for my budget. I picked up a bike for around $400 off ebay. I was so excited to see the bike, but my aunt sent me straight to bed like an excited child on Christmas eve. This morning I woke up and the first thing I wanted to see was the bike, what I saw made my spirits drop. The box was quite beat up, chunks of the box were missing, and parts of the bike had punctured the box.

So I am looking at a bent derailleur hanger, a few bents spokes, missing hardware, bent fender, and a lot of cosmetic blemishes. Ups really worked a number on the bike, but it really wasn't packed very well, so thank you American Cycles. I am waiting to hear back from the seller, hopefully something will happen, but I don't really feel like dealing with it.

The other package is my new Jetboil.... Thank you Jetboil for sending me all of this:

I also spoke to Jesse from Primal Foods, the makers of Primal Strips. Jesse is putting a team together for Primal Person travel campaign/documentary. He is also putting together a team for the Wild Canyon Games, check it out here:

Tonight I am looking at a 1966 VW Beetle to either drive east or back down to Baja California. I have been looking for a VW bus, but I think I might have to settle with a teal '66 cali bug. That or I found a cool 1922 Ford model T Rat Rod. That would be serious cool points.


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