Monday, December 27, 2010

In French or in English

       It looks like I am heading south of the border, much love to all my fans back east, but I can't have a repeat of last winter. I have picked up a partner for my cycle tour down the Baja peninsula, and her name is Chris. I know Chris from the Baja Ha Ha, she was once a crew member of the ill fated 'Easy To Grin'. I am excited to have Chris join the team, she has minimal experience in cycling, but her passion for an epic adventure is what really matters. Wish us luck!

I am still mourning the loss of my Ipod, a real friend for almost 5 years. Boy do I miss the escape of my little black friend. I would just blast off to a place far away, just Elvis Costello, Captain Beefheart, and I. Just another possession I lost in San Jose.

I wasn't asking much Papai Noel, just a itty bitty chrome chain saw....I like this one:
Its only 15,000 grand you fat bearded bastard

Why is everyone so goo goo ga ga for Mumford and Sons? I don't get it. But then again I think Danzig is god, so forget my music taste. 
tell your children not to walk my way,
tell your children not to hear my words, 
what they mean, what they say.

You know what I like? Looking up lyrics for song I have know for years. Songs I have sung over and over again, and realize I royally corrupted the lyrics. My mind lyrics are better anyhow.

Another birthday has passed, it was a good one, nice and peaceful. I found myself at the hospital with my newly born second cousin, Yasdin. We have the same birthday Yasdin, but I hope to hell you have better taste in music, and less of a chemical imbalance.

I have discovered the strike-through button, look out.

I have been to a few shows here in San Diego, and they have been entertaining. I visited the West Coast Tavern on Thursday and had the privilege of hearing two musicians:  Josh Damigo and Jesse LaMonaca. I have nothing but respect for performers, especially when they are playing to a crowded self involved bar. The other show worth mentioning was Los Maricones de Rock, a Rolling Stones tribute band. I have been told this band gets together once a year on Christmas eve, I was fortunate enough hear them play.  
I made the trip down to the USS Midway museum, to pay a visit to a plane. Yes, a plane. My grandfather, Webster McPherson flew a SNJ on June 26, 1945 out of the USNATB Corpus Christi, TX.  That same SNJ is currently on display, so I made the pilgrimage to honor a man I never knew, and to fulfill a promise to my uncle.

Oh, and you know what I hate? Poorly maintained arcade machines, especially when they are multi-cades.

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