Thursday, June 4, 2009

800 miles and well fed

McAfee Knob (total poser shot)
Hey Faithful Followers,

So I have made it over a third of the way, which feels good, but I feel like I have been hiking for ages. I hit the two month mark on May 29th, but that includes the week of zero/nero days I have had. I still don't have my camera cable, after two months, my mom can't seem to find my cable. So I am at the mercy of card readers and the like, which sucks. My screen is still broken on my camera, so the pictures aren't great anyhow.

The most exciting thing is that I got to a Kroger Grocery and got some good bread, a nice organic loaf, all crunch and fresh. What is with Americans and shit white bread (read worse then wonder bread). I got some soy margarine and was in bliss, they had such a great selection of whole food and nice produce.... ho hum.

We also got some great trail magic from some really great ladies, actually we went back for a second helping the next day. It was great, marinated tofu, veggie quesdillas, tons of fruit. Totally worth the push to make it there. I passed the 800 mile mark yesterday, and I am about 40 miles from Waynesboro, then into my favorite section of the trail. If anyone wants to hike with me, you better do it soon. The Old Rag trail in Shenandoahs is supposed to be amazing,

-L.C. out.

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  1. Everyone at REI misses you and wishes you the best of luck...succumb to hot dog craving!