Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mispell "trailor" and you are a burnout...

So as of June 29th (yesterday), I have been on the trail for 3 months. What have I learned? If you mispell "Trailer", then you are a burnout.

So the shelters are full of dialogue.... just like the men's bathroom. So I am currently back home... again, and I have been wearing a skirt for almost 2 months.
....actually its a Mountain Kilt (you like them blue socks too)

Georgia is leaving to Tasmania for a year, so I wanted to see her before I left.
So she picked me up Sunday night from Port Clinton, PA. So 1207.5 miles so far, woop woop. So the miles I have to go are 971.5, and that actually make me happy. Why you ask? Because I am back in the triple digits, which actually seem attainable. So I slept a bunch, ate a lot of food, made me a vegan Chai Un-cheesecake. And the ole call customer service lines, which is my version of hell. So Jet-boil is sending me a new ignitor, therma-rest wants $20 to fix my pad (fuck thermarests, aka puncture-rests), and finally I am getting my camera repaired.

So I am listening to Street Sweeper Social Club, sounds pretty good. I uncovered some pictures from Kincora Hardcore Trail Maintence we did back in Tennessee so check out this ganster face:

I painted that blaze :)

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