Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1012 Miles and I got the Runs

So, I made it to Harpers Ferry yesterday evening. 1012 miles, the psychological half way mark. I was going to take a day in Harpers, eat food and then attempt the 4 state challenge, but then I got the Hershey squirts. So my father picked me up at 6:30pm and I am taking a few days in Baltimore. My appetite has been non existent, which isn't a good sign, as well as my other issue, but I hope to be back on the trail by thursday/friday. What am I doing now? Resting? Eating food? Chilling in the hot tub? No, I got sucked back into life and have been trying to get my cell phone repaired and still trying to get my fucking car fixed by Subaru.... ho hum. I do have ice cream though.

So, pictures are always more fun:

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