Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pearisburg and 625 miles

Somebody shoot me... or burn all the trees..... My allergies are killing me. I have tried many remedies, homeopathic, essential oils, benedril, even sucking it up, but I am still dying.

So where to start with this update. So I hiked north to Bland, VA where me and a few friends hitch hiked back down to Damascus for Trail Days.
It was a pretty good time, lots of drinking and stinky hikers about. I got to see a few hikers I haven't seen in ages, especially Wheels, I haven't seen him since the second day. Georgia came down to visit me on friday night, and is hiking with me for another few days. Here is a pic of the hiker parade. Wish I had one of those Super Soaker from the '90s that had a 1" stream that could take out an eye....
Me and Georgia have been taking it easy, doing a hostel tour, as we wait for Liz to come hike. Then I have to bust out some 20-30 mile days to catch up to some friends. Oh yeah, I wanted to give a shout out to all the vendors who helped me out....
Catch you on the trail.

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