Saturday, May 22, 2010

Aqua Dulce

Me and Chance just made it to Aqua Dulce yesterday afternoon, the 454.9 mile mark. We made it up Baden Powell, which was supposed to be difficult, but it proved to be challenging, but not as dangerous as people made it out to be. Anyhow, we have been rolling with Roo, Happy Feet, and Kara-boo for a few days, they are a great group. We lost them yesterday in Little Rock, at the station detour, because we walked/hitched on PearBlossum Road.
This area is beautiful, the devils punch bowl was amazing, especially the swimming hole. Life is good, especially since we are working our way to Mojave. I am a bit scared of the Sierras, I still have to research my resupplies.
Anyhow, I am signing off, but I will update soon.

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