Tuesday, May 4, 2010

153 Miles and Zero Day Baby!!


A small update, Chance, Princess Moonburnt, and I pulled into Idyllwild CA yesterday afternoon. We decided not to do the devils slide trail and just take on a extra days of food. Tomorrow we head up Fullers Ridge, which has snow and ice, and from what we have been told can be quite dangerous if the conditions are not right. So other then that, Arren aka Moonburnt is getting off the trail in Big Bear, he is going back to Portland to raise funds for his Copenhagen adventure. The best of luck brother. 

Anyhow, loving the hiking life, the PCT has proven to be more beautiful then I thought. The desert is quieting my thoughts, and healing my heart..... :)

OH and donate money to my cause! WWW.HIKEFOR.COM  JUST A PENNY A MILE=26 BUCKS

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  1. 153 miles, you're cruisin man. Today is my last day at REI then we'll be out west before too long. Keep it up man.