Wednesday, May 12, 2010

265 Miles and Big Bear Lake!

Hey Folks,

It has been difficult to keep in touch with you all, and I apologize about that. But part of the reason I am out here is to leave the computer screen and phone behind. It seems everyone has a blackberry or an iphone, which they are constantly using.

Anyhow, I am in Big Bear Lake, zeroing at the hostel. Just picked up a book by Edward Abbey, which is exciting, I don't believe I have read any of his books before.
The sad news is that Arren aka Princess Moonburn is heading back to Portland today. Grad school has taken him from us, so if you see grad school walking down the street, throw some poo at them.

Best of luck brother, you will never know how much it meant that you started this adventure. Good luck with you own Danish adventure, and until we meet again.

On the Hike for Haiti side of things, I got two new sponsors, thanks you Lance and Mr. Anonymous.

I am not sure how much I have talked about this on my blog, but I have this loosely knit post hiking plans. This is all a big IF. So I have been sending these random clipping from magazines to Surly Bikes to see if they will sponsor me. This hopefully will be a product sponsorship in the form of a Long Haul Trucker.

I want to ride that said bike south from Manning Park/Seattle to San Diego. I then want to sail south in the Baja Ha Ha Rally.

So, that is the romantic plan, if I get to Cabo San Lucas, then I don't know what will be next, but that is the fun part. Maybe some scuba on the Baja? Who knows?

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  1. Livin' the dream and looking ahead. You're in a great spot, my friend.