Tuesday, August 18, 2009

White Mountains

Ace, Col. Mustard, and yours truly

So I have made it to Pickham Notch in the Whites. I summited Mt. Washington today which was cloudy, and to tell you the truth, an ugly ass mountain. Well, to be fair, all the overweight tourists and the antenna's were the culprits, I am sure the mountain would be beautiful otherwise. I did a solo mooning of my white ass to the patrons of the Cog Railroad, twice actually , but no pictures because none of my fellow thru hikers waited for the train like I did. The way I see it, I didn't get to do the half gallon challenge because I don't do dairy, so missing out on another tradition was not going to happen.
I am zeroing at M&M's house, who hiked the AT previously. My knees hurt, and my face looks like a tomato, as I should have put on some sunscreen. Everything is going well, the mountains are truly pushing my mind and body, but that is a good thing.

I know I owe you guys some stories, but I will do that tomorrow, as I have had a few more adventures since we last spoke. Namely, a hut caretaker named Stinky who won $185,000 in the lottery and blew it all in 8 months, but had the time of his life doing it. He went to Disney World 4 times :)
Col. Mustard above treeline

On the trail to Mt. Washingtong with Lakes of the Clouds Hut visable

Cup of Joe, Col. Mustard, Me, and BlessedShot today on top of Mt. Adams

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  1. "Cloudbuster" has an entirely different meaning behind it now!