Saturday, August 1, 2009

519 Miles to go...Danby, VT


Progress has slowed consideribly for many reasons. I was pushing high miles for so long, and I am finally in New England, and with 500 miles to go, why rush? The weather has also been slowing us down, it has been raining almost daily, and it is heavy wet rain that can last for most of the day. When the rain stops, the sun doesn't come out, so we get little time to dry out. I am doing well, luckily I have my trusty synthetic sleeping bag (down with the down) and decent rain gear. My feet are doing well, but the moisture is taking its toll. Hmm, I just called my mom to send in my winter gear to Hanover, N.H. The cold is starting to roll in, and you never know what you are going to get in the Whites or in ME. We are in Bennington for a hiker feed, free food/music/beer. The bad part is that I lost my licence. :(

I am finally getting my new shoes from Salomon, after it took close to 2 weeks for them to arrive in Dalton, M.A. then I had to have them sent to Rutland. Oh well, what can you do. The saga continues with gear issues.

Overall things are good, I have hiked over a few of the local ski resorts like Stratton and Bromely. I have some live music awaiting, so I must go...

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  1. dude, good to know you're doing well, i cant imagine myself doing it, it's too hardcore!

    well enjoy your last 500 miles...