Sunday, April 12, 2009


So, the adventures of Linus Cloudbuster a.k.a Stale Bagel a.k.a. Titanal has brought me to Fontana Dam, and the zombie Jesus has risen. So all is well, and all is not well. I have been withough my hiking partner Warhero for several days, he flew home in Franklin after bad news from the doctor. He is resting in NY, and hopefully will rejoin in 2 weeks. So, tomorrow is the start of the Smoky mountains. Me, K Bar, and Nature's Child are taking it easy at a nature's aunts for the night (in beautiful Tennessee). So 162.6 miles and two weeks later.... and it's been a blast. The last two days have been truly great for the spirit, like this was what I was meant to do, I love the mountains, the climb, the aches and pains, all of it.

So a few things that stick out in my mind:

  • I was unable to find any fucking real apple cider in the south, all hot water mix. I got some decent hard cider at the NOC.

  • Fuck stale bread, don't eat at the NOC restaurant, they vegan buger sucked (but at least they had one), and more stale bread. I might bake myself a loaf tonight

  • Oh, and my favorite Bill Cosby quote: "You can't say Fuck on tv".

Anyhow, rant off, I hope the weather improves. Today was beautiful. I have attached a photo of me and K-bar, that I pirated of her blog, because dummy forgot his usb cable. Rafting at the NOC was good, but we should have done that class 5 at the end. Life is to short.

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  1. I can bring your usb cable if you'd like, but thats more weight, and I hope the infamous WarHero will be able to re join you as well as ride down with me!!!