Tuesday, April 7, 2009

107 Miles and Snow


So end of day 9 and we had 3 or so inches of snow. We got back to Franklin N.C., where we spent the weekend for a hiker bash, that was very unfriendly to anything other than a meat mouth. And currently I have to shit... how nice. I just ate a whole pizza by myself... I shall call it man mountain.

Anyhow, my hiking partner is having foot problems, so he is seeing a doctor in the morning. If not I might be on my own again. But overall things are going well, appetite is getting bigger. And I finished my last stale bagel from the Neel's gap outfitters, wherever you guys are.... fuck yourselves.

Here are some photos:

Me in the snow today

Crossing into N.C. from GeorgiaSpringer Mountain


  1. Glad to see it is all going well and you are still alive. Good luck on the rest buddy!

  2. PS...stop fuckin complaining! :) love, Krisexyten.