Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey All,

I am sore! The good kind of sore, the muscles thoroughly worked kinda sore. I reunited with my bicycle on friday night after a great day of hitching. I caught a single ride from El Rosario to Mulege. I rode in a beat up Ford Escort which was being flat towed behind a truck.

It was like having auto pilot, while I sat back and read Dune. I did however forget my fresh peanut butter and bike jersery. Hot mess I am.

So saturday I hit the road after staying with Gary on El Coyote playa. Thank you Gary, and sorry for the drama.

I put in my longest day, 85 miles, and it felt great. Going solo has been such a freeing experience. I had a great dinner with an investigative journalist on Juncalito beach, and in the morning I pedaled over to Puerto Econdido to check out the boats. I ended up running into a group from the Green Bay area, and we had a great breakfast and conversations. Thanks again yall, hope to see you again soon. Anyhow my damned memory card is on the fritz and I lost all my photos from the last two days :(

I biked from Loreto to Insurgentes yesterday through the 'Sierra Grande' which was challenging, and was met with headwinds for 30 miles. Did i mention this was fun? I luckily met some folks and they put me up in there restaurant, because it gets close to freezing down here, and I don't have a tent anymore. I was woken at 5:15am by the cooks. So i type this as I sit on the throne... Do you feel dirty for reading this now? :)

I attempt a 145 mile day into La Paz, wish me luck

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