Friday, February 18, 2011


My friend just asked me how it felt to be done biking...I was about to answer that it was good, some time to reflect and relax. I have been feeling a bit ragged since I pushed 300 miles in 3 days....Instead I answered that I am not finished cycling, hiking, or traveling. This portion of the trip is coming to a close, but I still have many adventures ahead of me.

 So the next adventure is getting back to San Diego. I have a potential rideshare north from Cabo to SD. Unfortunately the driver wants to leave on Monday morning, which gives me only 2 days in San Jose... This might be a good thing because Del Cabo is a vortex. But my friend Robert is supposed to teach me the harmonica, he really liked the set I brought down for him :)

 I will be driving back east in Kingsley, my veggie oil converted Mercedes.

My friend Rosey, the talented blogger of SDDialedIn wants to make the trip to Austin Texas for the South by South West music festival/conference.
So I have some work to do on Kingsley 'Squishey Bang' Zissou. I need to get rid of the bang part of his title, which is a driveshaft issue. Hopefully my friends at Petroworks Offroad in Fallbrook, CA will let me use the shop and tools to get Kingsley up for the 3,000 mile trip. 

So the list:
-Fix Driveshaft
-Find a set of white walls tires

-Find a roof rack/cargo box for my bicycle
-Locate more WVO (waste veggie oil) for the trip), I found this site called Fill up for 4 Free

And for the Life Aquatic theme:
-Tint the windows (and leave untinted portholes on each window)
-More red beanies/blue track suits

-Zissou Decals for the doors
-Mini flags on the front fenders
-Get my red velvet Jesus bank sent in, je'sus always rides shotgun

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  1. I hope to see you and Kingsley before I leave in June. I smile when I see your adventure pictures. Keep 'em coming.