Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where should I start this entry? Up and downs recently, it seems that everytime I get to one of these loud in your face touristy places, I die inside. Everything is too loud, the drunk americans, street vendors, and fisherman asking if you want to go out an hook some poor fish. We spent the weekend in Cabo, because we couldn't clear customs or immigration until monday. We left Cabo San Lucas yesterday, with intention of sailing to La Paz, but we ended up 16 miles east at San Jose de Cabo. The reason, a fellow Ha-Ha 'er gave us a place to stay, and a tour of the local area. We are still in tourist heaven, but Erick who owns the house, is an old school surfer and has a really nice quaint place. We are heading out shortly to go snorkeling and surfing, the first of the trip. We were in such a rush to keep up with the Baja fleet, that we didn't get a lot of time to enjoy the sailing life style.

I am feeling a bit down and unsure of which path I should take. I have the opportunity to keep heading on from La Paz to mainland Mexico, but Easy to Grin will have to be in town for a few weeks for sail repair/upgrades. I have been traveling for 8 months or so, and I am feeling a bit worn out. I can continue on, or catch a bus up to San Diego from La Paz. From San Diego, I know of a free single speed Raleigh. My cousin Mike D is supposely driving from PA all the way to Arizona on a climbing trip. I thought a single speed bike ride to Arizona to San Diego would be trying, so I am trying to keep my options open. I know I mentioned going south to South America, but I might go home for a month or two, and rejoin the boat in El Salvador or Costa Rica. We will see.

Oh, and why can't americans cook? It seems to odd that people can't do more than make some toast. Three people, and none of them can figure out how to make potatoes? Especially after I made them potatoes numerous times, how hard is it to take a mental note? Onions, oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and add some heat, not rocket sience. I need some good vegan company, not that I really know anyone who has kept with it. :(
Ho hum

More upbeat blog to come soon, or so I hope.

Nima, aka linus cloudbuster

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