Friday, October 15, 2010

Walking South

Time is flying these days, like the pelicans we watched at the Oregon coast yesterday. It was good to see the Pacific, as the last time I saw it was in San Diego... nearly six months ago. Anyhow, Double Check and I had an amazing time in Vancouver, B.C, but like all trips, it was just not enough time. Double Checks brother gave me a ride over the border to Bellingham, which again was an action filled adventure.

 I spent the day in Bellingham and caught the bus to Seattle. I met little Clive Dasek, aka baby long legs. Nick you have a beautiful wife and son, thank you so much for sharing your life for a few days.

I jumped on a city bus for eight hours (three hours by car) to Portland a few days ago. I have been hanging out with Toothpick, Spoon Man, and Princesss. We took a trip to the coast yesterday, hoping to camp out on the beach, but the rain made us run back to the city. We did get to go bouldering at the gym, which is always amazing and frustrating at the same time. Someday I will be in an area long enough to see real progress....someday.

So the big news is I am going to Mexico! Yes Mexico, another stamp for the passport. Deeg you are losing, and losing bad. Anyhow, I am sailing out of San Diego Harbor on Oct 25, heading for Cabo San Lucas. I found a vessel, a 31' trimaran, which is super exciting.  LETS GO BAJA HA HA!!!

Anyhow, itinerary is to hit up Eugene tomorrow, then south to see Liz and Zoe in Arcata. If anyone in San Fransisco wants to put me up, I would love to see the city.


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