Sunday, October 24, 2010


Life is good, it sounds so corney to say but it is true. So many people I know fully admit how much they hate their lives, or maybe just the direction. It saddens me to hear it, especially since i feel the complete opposite. My life is great, I am typing this blog from the cabin of "Easy to Grin", my vessel to baja Mexico. I got to san diego three days ago after a unusual rideshare from Arcata. I want to give a shout out to my two chickens Liz and Zoe, thank you for everything. Don't forget: "Get money, Get paid".

San Diego has been wonderful especially the skipper Dave. The crew is a faroginous group, but it seems like it will turn out well. Plans are possibly changing especially since several crew members are continuing to central and south America. We have a few surfboards on board, so here we come Costa Rica! I am sorry my md friends looks like I might not see you until next year :)

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  1. When you post shit like this it makes me want to delete you as a friend....