Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Simply put:

I am having the time of my life...

I can't explain it, but the last few weeks have been some of the best. I hit the Kate Wolf music festival, got back on trail after a crazy hitch, hiked for 2.5 days, and got off in Mammoth Lakes. I then proceeded to hitch to the High Sierra Music Festival, which took me off the trail for almost eight days. Again, well worth the side trip. I am currently in Truckee, CA, mile marker 1155. I will be at the half way point in a few days, so someday I will finish this trail (sadly). So many stories to tell, but I must get some sleep.

Mt. Whitney

Forester Pass

Another look at the pass from a distance

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  1. Clive "Baby Longlegs" Dasek is here to stay! Wishing you well out there, Bro. Let me know when you're up in WA!