Thursday, June 24, 2010

856 Miles and hours from the trail

Hey Hey!

So I have completed 865 PCT miles! I jumped off the trail near Florence Lake to attend the Kate Wolf Music festival with Liz and Zoe. It is so exciting to be road tripping with some familiar faces. I am 8-10 hours away from the trail right now, and have no idea how I am getting back to Fresno/Mono Hot Springs, but I pray the trail gods will smile on me. I have summited Whitney, climbed over Forester, Kearsarege (2x), Glenn, Pinchot, Mather, and Muir Passes. These were not such easy tasks considering the snow. I have had some gear failures, one dead compass (silva=garbage), a treking pole, solar charger, and top it off with some pack failures. Fail. Anyhow, all is well in my life, look forward to putting in some miles when I get back to the trail.

Someone needs to help me find a ride for the Baja Ha Ha. I have heard nothing, even though I put up an ad on the website. No pictures this time, I left my camera at the campground, but you know the pics would blow your mind.

Screw the power of books, the power of the L.C.

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