Sunday, March 28, 2010

One year.....

One year ago, I started my trek north from Springer Mountain, Georgia. One year ago I was sitting in a uncomfortable aisle seat on the Amtrak, scared shitless. It was only hours before I had been dropped off by Georgia. I sat in Penn Station for about 30 mins, staring at the floor. I boarded the train and suddenly realized how much I was going to miss her....that moment is when you relize how deep love goes . I texted her the same words I just wrote you, one year ago. Fear can take a hold of you in those moments.

I don't know what to post, that would be sentimental enough for the one year anniversary of an epic journey.... but the journey hasn't ended yet. Life has been good these past few weeks. I have trying to keep myself occupied, to keep my thoughts behind the patch job of a dam. Zazen, yoga, cycling, running (not enough), kayaking, and wrapping up long forgotten projects. My last day at REI is on the 18th, as always the managers were understanding and supportive. Thanks REI crew, hope you keep reading this blog.

I got some trail love from Primal Foods, a big box of Primal Strips, you rock Jesse.

I have been feeling this calling to go back to India... and I think I found the way, I hope it works out. Its crazy that it has been 3 years since that journey ended.

So this was just a bunch of rambling and shout outs, but I hope to type up something funny and light hearted in the next day or so. Junking with Pauly tomorrow, followed by dumpstering, and hopefully Darkest Hour and Dillinger Escape Plan at the ottobar.

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