Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello there,

It has been a while since I updated, but life hasn't been terribly exciting, but less then two months until I start the Pacific Crest Trail. I have been gearing up for my departure, and my partner in crime Arren, is joining me on my thru hike this year. Me and Arren have past, we studied abroad together in Tasmania, and spend several weeks living out of the back of a 1981 Honda Accord Hatchback we purchased for US$280 nicknamed the "Goon mobile".

So as small as that car was, we both slept in the back, so you could say we are "close" :)

As I look through these photos of past adventures, my heart starts to beat faster, and I am flooded by a wave of good memories. These memories are bitter sweet, as I may never see the places and people I shared so much with. But I digress....

The PCT is a different animal, I am worrying about bear canisters, guide books, mail drops, and even water, which weren't much of a concern on the AT. So if anyone wants to send some vegan love in form of a drop box, that would be amazing.

Something amazing happened the other week, I called Primal Foods, the makers of 'Primal Strips' a meatless jerky alternative. I know what your meat mouths are saying, vegan jerky huh? Well, it is amazing stuff. I recently talked to my AT hiker friend Pellet, a good ole' boy from Alabama, and he still remembers when I gave him his first hickory smoked Primal Strip in North Carolina. Maybe that is why we ended up hiking together for all those miles :)

Anyhow, Jesse at Primal Foods told me about another hiker Paul, who started a website called This website is great! You can sign up and get people to pledge money for every mile you hike, and it is all going to relief efforts in Haiti. I was surprised at how many hikers on the AT, were hiking for a cause. So if you feel like helping, and a few bucks to spare, check out this link:

*You know I am going to hike every mile of it.

Anyhow, I will be updating more often, here is one of my favorite shots from New Zealand:
I know its not a shot of epic mountains, beautiful beaches, or deep Fjords. But thats the point, I don't remember those as much as I do these rocks. "Nobody sits like this rock sits. You rock, rock." Me and Arren were told about these rocks on the east coast of the South Island, we were told that they were a must see. Well we drive hours, and $70 worth of Petrol, and about a mile or two walk down the beach, and this is what we get. Don't get me wrong they were cool looking boulders, but Arren took one look and said, "Is this it? I am going back to the car", and I had to laugh.

I had to get my jaw dropping, this is amazing face on for the photo, so I hope you enjoy. If not take a hike.


  1. Sweet Man. I look forward to hoepfully hosting your stinky ass when you're up near Snoqualmie Pass. Hope the planning is going well!

  2. That picture with the rock still cracks me up. More good times coming up man.