Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still I roam the earf, Like the prince of darkness's

So yeah, life has picked up steam. It has been one month since I finished on Katahdin. How did it go by so fast, I haven't done anything, or seen anyone it seems. I did go to the gathering last weekend in Gettysburg, it was good to see a few faces: Nature, Bronco, Baltimore Andy, Peanut, Angry Beaver, and Prairie Dog. Just reliving it a bit.

I got some exciting news last week that Rocket is working at the same REI, that's 4 thru hikers working in Timonium.

I have been lazy, I have so many stories to type up from the trail. So check back soon. I couldn't think of which photo to post, so you get both. (i know another picture of my ass)