Sunday, October 25, 2009

Rainy Night in Baltimore

Sounds like a cheesy love song doesn't it.... but its not. I am not in love with Baltimore currently... actually, more or less the people in Baltimore. I have been very disheartened with people that I have let into my life, and I have realized something I have always known.... Fuck em'...... I think it comes down to community, Baltimore lacks it, at least in the circles I have been running in. I had a community of awesome people on the trail, and now I don't, I search and find mostly flakes.

So I am done, this is my signature to the Pacific Crest Tail '10 hiker list.

I have really tried Baltimore, and you have given my hope, the skies have been beautiful, the changing of the leaves, and I have even enjoyed the rain. Which leads me to my title. Let me set the mood, I was hanging out with a friend who has recently lost her father, our conversations have dealt with spirituality and especially the energy she felt after her fathers passing. Well, I was a bit tired on the drive home, but a bit gitty because I had just talked to Georgia, and I pulled into a gas station to fill er' up. Anyhow, as I was pumping gas into my Firebird (whoo doo) and listening to country music and I see something on the ground.. it looks like a rodent that had been run over by a car. On further inspection I find a hair weave, becoming one with the oily concrete. Suddenly I know everything was alright, that baltimore had so much to offer even when pumping gas (despite the people). It truly made my night.

(p.s. I want that van)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Tasmania ain't got nuthin on dat.