Monday, March 14, 2011

We are Texas!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but it has been a weird couple of weeks. I have been trying to juggle an overwhelming social life, repairing Kingsley for the road-trip, and my sanity.

So many stories, especially the friday night trip to Tijuana to see Nortec Collective.

It Has Begun! After a year, I head back to the Right Coast
Rosey, Yours Truly, Dani (And Kingsley in the blue)

So after a stressful few days of losing my debit card, alignments, buying bent rims, and all the other maintenance necessary to get Kingsley (My chinablue Mercedes) on the road. We left San Diego around 5pm heading for Tuscon Arizona.

The hills east of San Diego toward El Centro were slowing us down quite a bit. It doesn't help that we are driving a 30 year old non-turbo Mercedes, with a huge cargo box/bike on top, three souls, and enough gear to supply an excursion on Everest. Seriously Rosey and Dani, the car is on the bumpstops!

So we left Tucson this morning after staying with Ben, Roseys friend who had a nice hotel room at the Embassy Suites, thanks again Ben. A slow windy drive through the desert netted an attempted side trip to White Sands National Monument, but we turned around half way :(  We were not going to make it before the monument closed. Some other day. We did get the most amazing sunset though.
So as we entered El Paso, we noticed the signs for Dick Poe. Dick Poe is an old friend of ours, a great place to buy a car. You have a friend in Dick Poe! Almost as good as Koons Cheverolet in Maryland. Seriously who comes up with these names?

Or better yet, Buds Beer Barn. Apparently they had a dozen copies of Dune on the shelf.

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